It’s all about the perspective

So today was the official first day of mock examinations. Ah. In the morning I faced the ever-impossible task of maths. I mean, you know it’s going to be a wild exam when they tell you you’re not going to sit in alphabetical order so you’re in the complete wrong seat. And to top it all off, the projector didn’t work so there was just a shitty little clock at the front which I couldn’t even see. I came out maths actually quite confident which automatically means I’ve done something wrong and have probably done awful.

We then move onto history- my ‘favourite’ subject. What a joke. On the whole the exam was awful, I misread questions, finished way too early, and completely missed out parts. On closer analysis, it could have been a lot worse. The majority of it was about Roman and Medieval times which are my fav bits. On a more ‘positive’ note, I got my Lit. Paper 1 result back today and I did really well. Also I only have one exam tomorrow and it’s Biology which is probably my best science. On a completely unrelated note, Broadchurch starts tonight which is great and its pancake day tomorrow (one of my favourite days of the year).

So although what seems a pretty rough start to the mock period, when put in perspective, it could’ve gone a lot lot worse. Also you have to think of starving children in Africa.



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