One day down, nine to go

Well well well hasn’t today been an absolute blast.

Day 1 of mocks is slowly coming to end and I can’t really say that I’m happy with what I have achieved today. I mean you can’t really expect to do too well when you’ve been deliberately avoiding revision for them.

Maths, being first as usual, I thought I was safe but no, no I was definitely not safe. It wasn’t just an awful exam paper but I had to sit at the back of the exam hall, like I just want to sit in my ‘first row, second seat in’ seat. Maths was probs a 2/10 and I never want to look at that paper ever again.

After sitting my first paper of the day I decided to try be positive about history- it didn’t work. History was what I call horrific, question three was an absolute bum and I’ve clearly misinterpreted all the questions. As this blog is about trying to keep positive, I do have a positive note on history and that note is that I did not have to use any knowledge from 1500AD onwards and majority of it was Roman!

I’m keeping my remaining positivity by telling myself that the first day of mocks is always hard. Tomorrow is a new day and I need a fresh mind to sit my sociology and biology exams.

Peace out (and revise) – Jasmine

ps. I better get to sit in my bloody seat tomorrow


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