Hooray for my precious seat!

I had a great entrance for this post however I see that my other half has only gone and used it for her title – how sneaky. Nonetheless I will write it anyway.

‘It was a draining day’ are a few famous words from Greek paramedic Lilla Read that I feel like I can truly relate to today. Now where shall I start:

My sociology exam was this morning and I truly believe that it could have gone better, but it also could have gone a lot worse. I’m trying to forget core 1 and focus positively on my education unit. I think it is safe to say that the two ten markers were a piece of piss, it was the sneaky 20 marker that really caught me off my guard but I do think that I’ve pulled it out of the bag.

After sociology I had a quick break, during this time I was doing the usual before exam ritual which is to cram as much knowledge in as possible- this time for biology. Now revision one science exam isn’t easy and when you have to revise for two science exams because they are back to back it still isn’t easy. However, I would just like to thank God for some of the questions on the paper, for example, the tissue question, the speciation question and the 6 marks write up a photosynthesis experiment question- I mean I wasn’t expecting you three but you really brought my out of the dumps.

Also good mock news, I got to sit in my beloved seat for the first time in these mocks, which really makes me feel at home, and the clock was back in the exam hall, which is always a relief. Pancake day was also today and I truly feel like a pancake as I ate so many!

Tomorrow will be a long day but I just need to carry on and plough through.

Peace out pancake lovers – Jasmine


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