‘It was a draining day’

There isn’t really much to update the internet world today which is a good start already! The Biology paper was okish. If it taught me one thing, it’s that half hearted revision gets you no where because you just stare at every question and you know exactly what it wants you to put, you just don’t know it. Lesson learnt. Also I did well (for me) on my maths paper 1 even though it’s probably not going to be good compared to my faithful blogging friend Jazzyben, who is a ‘top maths student’ (Mr Weare’s words, not mine).

Obviously it’s Shrove Tuesday, which does mean Pancake day! In my personal opinion, it’s one of the best days of the year because you get to eat great food and it doesn’t have any expectation to be good, it just always is. I find with Christmas the expectations are so much higher than what the day actually is- not a problem with pancake day. I managed 9 and a half pancakes which is very impressive (for me), and my faithful blogging friend came joint 1st which is such a great achievement and stepping stone in her career. I’m very proud. No word of a lie though, as I sit and type these words, I fear they may be my last as I can feel my heart being stopped by the amount of pancake in my system. As great as this day was, it has now meant that I have done zeros revision for surgery and catering tomorrow, so I’m sure there will be an interesting update coming soon.

Bye-bye for now- Lilla


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