Bish Bash Bosh

Day 3 done. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Jokes.

My Surgery paper went much much better than my medicine one so I’m hoping (praying) that I have redeemed myself enough, but at the same time, who even cares anyway? Unlike Jazzyben, I didn’t really go out on a whim with the chloroform inhaler (even though it probably counts for nothing) I am very sad I didn’t follow my gut instinct. This however is another important life lesson that you should always follow your instinct. As I like to say, follow your heart, but don’t lose your head. Catering, my second exam of the day, also went okish. Some of the questions were a bit weird and there was a 10 mark question on something I literally know nothing about. So I need to brush up on my NSP knowledge before the real thing because all I could put was it helps you poo.

I still feel quite sick from pancakes and I Swear I can taste it still too in my mouth. I have been very productive this evening, doing drama and history work, and I’m now going to revise for maths (whilst watching Pottery Throw Down). If I do well on this paper, I may have a chance of getting a 7 which is almost as good as going to DisneyLand in October.

Stay radical- Lilla


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