Who even uses a map nowadays?

I can’t believe that I’ve already taken seven exams this week and it’s only been THREE days. I may feel dead but on the plus side, I’m seven exams down now with only fourteen to go.

So I don’t thing that today has gone too badly. History was kinda tricky and I don’t think that I’ve addressed the question enough in some cases but I’m just glad that I went out on a whim with the chloroform inhaler.

After all of the palava with the geography paper I don’t think that it was too shabby. I mean the bloody map was a pain in my arse, I mean how am I meant to tell you something that doesn’t actually exist on the map. I did also really how bad I am at trying to find places on a map, I should really practise that before my exam. Also a big panic in the exam is when the layout of the paper isn’t what you are used to because it is not from the proper exam board. However, I feel like I killed it on the challenges section- I felt unstoppable and I know that it is because of my revision cards (not bigging myself up or anything).

Today has just been a long day with nothing exciting happening. Maths is tomorrow so I really should start doing some revision.

Peace out mate – Jasmine


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