Kinda short, kinda snappy

This post should be a short one because I only had one exam today!

Day four has successfully been completed and truthfully I feel confident about the maths exam I sat. That statement may backfire in my face next week when I receive my result but oh well I’m happy for now. I’m kinda annoyed that I didn’t get to complete the proof question but I did my best nonetheless.

I found out that I got an A in my sociology paper 1 which is absolutely amazing considering how abysmal my 20 mark (and my two 10 mark questions now looking back) went.mso I’m super happy about it and I just need to get the same on my second paper to average at an A overall, so hopefully Monday will go well.

English is tomorrow and I am very anxious about it die to the fact that I am terrible on all of the sections. I’m just hoping that the poem that we are given is a good one and not bloody storm on the island or another shite one in the cluster.

Peace out – Jasmine

tbh this post is the kinda the same length as my other posts so it’s not really ‘a short one’


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