‘Man’s war is a cheap imitation of nature’

Today I had only one exam. Success! Maths paper 2 went as good, if not better, than paper 1 in my opinion so theoretically I should get the same amount of marks, but knowing my luck I will not. Keeping with the repeated theme of positivity, I only have one exam tomorrow. However, that exam is english, and it’s 2 hours 15 minutes. I did really well on this paper last time so I want to do well again but I have done no revision for it. Instead, I decided to prioritise Germany for some reason. After this post, I shall do some english revision! The problem I find though is it’s such a mammoth task, that I end up not even starting it. I think I’ve  just come to the conclusion that I will link the poem with Kamikaze unless it is Kamikaze, in which case I shall link it to London. Saying that however, I have made a pretty good educated guess that the poem will be Checking out me History which ain’t too shabby.

Also if you were wondering the message behind the title of this post, I didn’t know what to call it and Exposure was open in front of me, and this was an annotation. I thought it held such a powerful message to the reader, how fragile man is and the futility of our lives. In our head, we create these God-like figures when in reality we are only one tiny cog in the bigger picture. This can be linked with Ozymandias with the desire of having immortal power, when in reality, we cannot choose how we are remembered in history. It can also be linked with The Prelude and coming to realise the insignificance of our small lives compared to the nature around us. It could also be linked to Bayonet Charge when the soldier questions his role in the bigger picture, comparing himself to the seconds hand on a clock. I could go on forever. I’ve got this in the bag. I was so inspired by this sentence, I decided to write my own poem:

Bullets pound my

chest, knocking the wind out

of my belly. I arise, unfaltering.

I carry on- painting my own success. No man left

by my side except my own conscience

Game over.

I shall now analyse my poem for the interest of all you readers. As you can clearly see, the first few words uses the technique ‘cacaphony’ with words such as ‘bullets’ ‘pound’ and ‘knocking’ which signifies and highlights the war imagery and also suggests the scale and impact of the war on this person. In line 3, there is a Volta where the poem changes direction, it went from hopeless conditions where the speaker seems close to death but suddenly they stand and start moving forwards. The enjambment on line 4 suggests that the speaker was once with his fellow soldiers, but now they are gone. The separation of ‘no man left’ and ‘by my side’ demonstrates the isolation the speaker feels. The final line is very ambiguous as it could imply that the soldier has died and their life, or game, is over. The words ‘game over’ could also be linked to the imagery of ‘painting’ on line 4 which could suggest that the speaker is not fighting a real war, but is playing a game of paintball and at the end of the poem, the game ends.

I think I have actually lost it. Sorry this post is so long, and I probably think some sleep would be good tonight as I clearly have lost the plot.

Your new favourite poet- Lilla



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