Giving away a Nobel prize in literature//not clickbait

So today was the dreaded English literature paper 2. I don’t really want to go into much detail on how I feel like I’ve done because I truly don’t know and every time I think about it I keep remembering what I didn’t write. All I do know is that I’ve done the best I possibly could have done today.

I cannot believe that the first week of mocks is already over with, like in a weeks time it will all be over and I won’t have to sit another exam until May. This week has absolutely flown by (even though on Wednesday I said that it had been the longest week I have ever felt, but let’s forget about that).

This weekend I am determined to do as much revision as possible – except I can’t do revision tomorrow because I’m going to COSMO!!! But I am also going into school for English so naturally it is okay.

On an unrelated but kinda related note, I would like to congratulate my Greek, paramedic and now poet friend, Lilla Read for her fantastic poem she recently produced, I though that it was a wonderful read. I do believe that she should receive the 2017 Nobel prize for literature which has been won by the likes of Winston Churchill, John Steinbeck, Seamus Heaney and most recently, Bob Dylan. I do truly believe that she is on the same level as these greats because her poem really stretches your brain intellectually.

Whilst researching the Nobel prize for literature, I found out an interesting fact that Domagk won a Nobel prize for medicine (cheeky prontosil) in 1939 but was forced to refuse it by the Nazi regime, and he was arrested by the gestapo for a week. Just a nice piece of info the ties in with both medicine and Germany!

Peace out guys – Jasmine


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