I’m on the home straight!

This is so amazing! To think I am already half way through the mocks, that’s only four days (for me because I have no exam on Monday) which is one day, four times. Put it in perspective and it is over before you know it.

I’m sticking with, I am feeling really positive about my lit paper 2 exam today even though it’s a vicious cycle of thinking you did well, then remembering all the things you didn’t write, and thinking you did super bad again. At this point in time, I am confident, though I’m sure in a couple of hours I’ll be doubting myself again. On another note, I got two really good results back today in Catering and in maths, and if I do well on my next maths paper, I could get an A! If I would have said that a few months ago, I probably would have been in a parallel world because it was virtually impossible but I feel like I’ve really turned it around. Go Lilla!

It’s been a really wild day today, with exams and something really dramatic and exciting happened/I found out but I can’t say because you never know who reads this blog. I also don’t know what I did to deserve it, but my mum bought me a coat I said I liked the other day which may not seem like a lot but I feel like maybe this is a new leaf with my famalam. I also am super excited about Cosmo tomorrow, I have waited so long for this moment and all that it is in my way is one english session. I also just remembered DisneyLand and that made really excited. If you want to take you mind off exams, just do loads of fun things because you literally completely forget they’re even important.

Before I go, I would like to thank my fellow blog-partner Jazzyben on the congratulations of my new published poem. I feel like this is a stepping stone in my poetry career and although I would never dream of ever receiving a nobel prize, I am both honoured and flattered that my name has ever been put in the same sentence.

Probably until Monday- Lilla


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