Happy hugs from Hacker

Week two of mock examinations!! Oh how thankful I am that we have finally reached the last week, although I do have 12 mocks this week which is a pain.

Today I only had one exam which is great until you realise that you’ve got three exams tomorrow. But today was sociology and I think it went really well, I feel confident in this exam (especially the 20 mark question- I mean gender and crime what a piece of piss). Strange moment today was when ms Hacker hugged me, but awkward but a nice gesture (I guess???).

Bad thing about only having one exam is that I actually have to go to lessons, something I’m not used to during this time of year. Anyhow I should probably finish this post here so I can get back to my history and chemistry revision that I have to finish before 9 so I can watch broadchurch!!

Peace out and hug teachers- Jasmine


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