Can my exam positivity ever end?

This posts should only be a quick one because I am drowned in geography revision that I should really get done.

Afters yesterdays successful and positive day I really thought that it must have been a fluke and that the week would get considerably worse, however, that hasn’t happened and today was another successful day.

History was actually really good and although Stresemann was obviously going to come up because he’s all we’ve really learnt about, I’m glad he did because he saved me. Chemistry today was also a piece of piss, both 6 mark questions were great and I just felt like I knew majority of the knowledge (and if I had done more revision last night I probs could have done better). Saying that is probably just shooting myself in the foot because now I’m probably going to get a terrible mark.

Tomorrow is English and geography so I think that my good running streak is about to end and the negativity will return. But hey let’s just live in the moment and be present time orientated (as my favourite sociologist- Baz Sugarman- would say)

peace out and learn four geography units in one night- Jasmine


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