2 positive 2 function

Well hello there, you’re probably wondering whether today was another wham bam bish bash bosh successful day for me as I did title my last post asking when it would end. Turns out, success can be over in minutes or just under 24 hours in my case.

I would sum English up as abysmal – a word here in which it means extremely bad. I mean I knew that I was bad at descriptive writing but today was just something else. On a plus note I did manage fit in so much personification it will be streaming out of Hasler’s ears by the end of her reading it.

Geography was also today. I’m rather angry that I spent majority of my revision learning case studies for every single thing for there to be no full six mark case study questions- I ask myself what is the point. I did manage to include lowestofts deadly tidal surge which is a bonus.

Even though my exam success has faded away today, my positivity will never end and I’m staying strong. Maths and physics tomorrow which could result in the downfall of positive thinking.

I also just found out that my Greek paramedic, poet and blogging partner, Lilla Read almost got hit by a car when I wasn’t walking with her. This has deeply worried me and I fear for her life when I am not around – it’s like I’m her protector.

Peace out and look after your friends when they cross a road – Jasmine


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