Physics makes me physically cry

I’m back! A little earlier than I anticipated, and I’m all ready to tell you about my day that went from worse to worser. It was that bad. Starting with the positive, my section B I am quite pleased with. I have an air of quiet confidence because my tactic of memorising five interesting words and squeezing them in, despite their link to the picture, worked marvellously.  Section A on the other hand, did not go so well. I shall take you on a journey through my tiny little brain at 9:00am when I was completing the paper…

(you have to read the next section in your most sarcastic inner voice)

‘Wow! Women in Black, that seems pretty easy. Here I go, reading the extract, look at me highlighting all these phrases! I shall splatter this page with ideas, and sentence types, and punctuation, and descriptive techniques. There’s no stopping me, I’ve got this in the bag! Whoops, I’ve gone over the time limit for annotating my extract but that doesn’t matter because I’m saving planning time later by doing it all now! (turns page) Oh. This four mark question is quite challenging. But it’s only four marks that I always don’t get anyway, so I’ll just write the first four things that come into my head. (looks at next page) I’m not very good at this question. I don’t know what to put. What is an atmosphere? What is language? (continues to stare at the question for another 25 minutes)

And that’s pretty much where it all goes downhill from. Amazingly, I managed to write something for every question but I can honestly say, I do not know what I wrote, or how credible it will be because I hardly remember looking at the questions I was so behind. Also to make things even better, I don’t think I used one of my amazing annotations from my 20 minutes of annotating.

Moving on with my life, I look to a future filled with maths and physics. I am seriously concerned that I am not going to 34 marks tomorrow which is very sad and I have tried my hardest to revise tonight, but I’m just not very good at revising on my own. I’ve also done my classic science revision of ‘read the section in the book’ and I am not 100% positive that I’m going to scrape through this time but I shall try my best.

Before I go, I would like to apologise to my blogging partner and new employee of PWH! (which she kept very quiet may I also add) for causing any concern or stress about my recent anecdote of almost (but not) being hit by a car. It was very traumatic news which, in hindsight, is not appropriate to say over blog-post especially at such a stressful time anyway.

Your faithful-in a permanent state of regret-friend- Lilla


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