Blame is the mechanism by which we use to empower ourselves from a weakened position

I’m just going to stretch out my fingers before I start to type this one.

Today was awful. A. W. F. U. L. I just don’t know what I did to deserve a day like today. I thought that maths was going to be okay, even Matthew’s ‘just remember it’s only a mock’ before the exam felt like a reassurance that it was going to be okay. Turns out it wasn’t okay. my timings were all off and I really panic myself when I am behind; especially when I’m not even half way through the paper at half time. The last couple of pages were hard and I wasn’t prepared (not that I will be prepared in the actual exam but you know what I mean). Nonetheless I came out of the exam with my head held high looking onwards and upwards for my physics exam later in the day.

Well isn’t physics just a load of balls. I don’t want to brag but I always feel confident with physics- sometimes I would consider it my best science. Last mocks I did really well and was very proud of myself and what I had achieved, but I sure won’t be this time. P2 started off alright and I was going well until the resistance question caught me off guard, after that I lost my concentrate and train of thoughts. So I guess really it is my own fault not knowing enough but you can’t know everything these days which is the sad truth. When I had finished P2 I get the most enjoyable moments of my life as every one leaves the exam hall but I stay, as if it’s a prison, for a second exam. This time P3. I probably tell everyone how I feel about my physics teacher and teaching myself the course but I didn’t realise how little I know until sitting the paper. I did a past paper at home and it was good and I felt confident but the 2016 exam was a little bitch. The only good thing on it was the 6 mark experiment question on electromagnets- thanks skinny innes for teaching it to me, you absolute lad.

So today in total was pretty bad. I guess if I look hard enough I can see positivity in the fact that these papers are not going to be my actual exam papers and hopefully the exam boards will be kind and put loads of easy questions on the exam.

Peace out and remember that tomorrow is the last day of mocks – Jasmine


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