If this day had happened last week, I would’ve been really upset but I’m so tired I do not care anymore

From the title, you can probably gather the sort of day I’ve had. This update will not be very long because there are not many different ways to say you had a bad day. Maths wasn’t absolutely awful, but it was pretty bad and I am not confident that I have got 34 marks which is sad but at least it’s only a mock. Physics was also pretty bad but then I didn’t revise very much so it’s probably understandable.

The most notable thing about today is that I just got this overwhelming sense of tiredness. I actually feel so drained from sitting exams and I don’t know if I can make it through the last day. I will keep going though and the fun Friday evening will keep me motivated I hope.

Maybe tomorrow will be the last post for a while which is quite sad but I feel I need to go and stay at a woodland retreat for a week and just recover from this emotionally and physically draining time.

A very tired and hoping for an early night but probably won’t-  Lilla


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