8th April 2017

I cannot believe how long already it’s been since the mocks. On a depressing note, this does mean it is even closer until the exams, however one can only try their best and in reality I haven’t revised at all but I beyond caring.

With nothing better to do on my Saturday night, I thought I would update you in the world of Lilla Land since I have been gone. I literally cannot think of one thing. I bought some jeans, in Lincoln, when I went to see my sister. And whilst wearing these jeans I think I wore the most coordinated outfit of my life, which was super cool. Once again, I have become obsessed with This Morning watching it for ever eternity, like any spare minute of the day, I am just watching youtube videos. Today I baked some cherry scones (I did actually make them last night as well, but mum burnt them), and I made samosas, so I’m really putting all that Catering knowledge to use.

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that I still haven’t got all of my mock results back, and if you hadn’t worked it out yet, yes it is English. But at least I haven’t got my hopes up and I’m not expecting to get it back for probably another year. Broadchurch is almost over (very sad but exciting), however Doctor Who starts next Saturday which is very exciting and I can’t believe how quick it has come. I am full of anticipation for the next series and I really think it will be a blast back to more S2-5 style. In another attempt to procrastinate my days away, I have started listening to Doctor Who audiobooks which are hella cool but I am sad because I’ve listened to all the David Tennant ones however, I’m now going to listen to The War Doctor series which is going to be epically awesome. I think my next plan is to watch Unfortunate Events because I STILL haven’t, and then rewatch the Netflix Marvel series’ and that does mean watching Jessica Jones again so all is good. Officially one week of Easter has already gone which is just plain scary, I’ve decided I want some new headphones so all my funds will be towards them. Not that I ever work anymore to be fair but the successful job hunt day I believe shall provide me with more dollar. I feel like I am just rambling now so I am going to stop myself before I’ve written a 10,000 essay. Update, I’ve written 428 words. I just checked.

Over and out- Lilla


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