Guess who’s back… Back again

What to do when you should be revising: write a blog post.

Hello again my old friend, I have missed you so much. I really have missed writing a blog post every evening- this is the only good things to come out of exams!

Well today was my first proper real examination: sociology. Oh how I dreaded today, I mean part of me was never ready to even look at the questions in the paper and the other part wasn’t ready to give up all of my knowledge on core one and education- all of my three years learning came down to this exam and now I can forget majority of it. It feels a bit alien to me. But anyway I went into the exam hall, with butterflies in my stomach and completed the paper.

It was such a nice paper, the exam board were so kind (thank you my favourite Welsh board, WJEC) and gave us the best essay questions we could have asked for. Having a describe question on ethnicity was annoying (I would have rathered not mentioning them all) but a discuss question on gender differences was heavenly, it literally felt like a greater force smiled upon me today. The core one questions were okay too, I was a bit narked on some of them but I kept positive and I got through.

I really just trying to stay positive now, only 24 exams to go!!! Biology is tomorrow and I don’t think that I will be able to stay positive for that as I already know that I will probably balls it up and that it will be a horrible paper (let’s just pray for thalidomide to come up). I should get back to revising instead of writing this- but it’s just so fun!

peace out- Jasmine


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