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Battle of the Cowshed, Snowball banishéd

I cannot believe I’ve sat my first exam. There’s definitely a mixture of relief and dread, because it really really starts now. Walking into the exam, I was absolutely bricking me pants but as soon as you’re in there, 1- it doesn’t feel any different to a mock and 2- you don’t really have time to think if I’m being honest.

On the whole (touch wood) I found it relatively ok which was great at the time but I know I’ve made some stupid mistakes, however as a general I think it was good, but that does make me fear the stupendously high grade boundaries which I REALLY didn’t want. Also, I feel AQA aren’t that nice and if Biology was easy, I can only imagine what Chemistry and Physics will be like. On that note, I also fear that Biology was the only exam I had been revising for and now I have one day to revise for Chemistry which is absolutely #brill. The questions will probably be like, what different flavours of Primordial Soup are there? Or for Physics it will be, how do conductors help a train line to run efficiently? Because apparently AQA Science is now 50% knowledge 25% lets just ask you random questions and 25% haha we said you wouldn’t need to know this but you’ve just been pranked by the prank patrol. It does feel great to finally be involved in all the hashtags on twitter though and it is definitely the best thing that will come out of any exam for sure.

This has been a general positive start to the exam period however, I will not get complacent or think in any way that it won’t get harder because I know this information to be, false.

Until Thursday- Lilla


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