Give two reasons why these first two exams have been suspiciously nice…

Exam dos done! Surprisingly they have both been really good and I’m halfway between wanting to lavish in the confidence of my own skills and also completely doubting everything I’ve put because I found it (touch wood) easy, I must have done something wrong. In all seriousness, that C1 paper was a dream (for me) because pretty much everything I wanted to come up, pretty much did, apart from oils but it was ok, I’ll give AQA that one. Also pretty much every question had some sort of sub-question where you had to give ‘two reasons why’ which was kind of good because they were easy marks but I definitely did say to myself a few times “Is it alright to put pretty much the same reasons for every question?”  Shoutout definitely goes to Hope though because if she hadn’t been in at 7:30 this morning, there is no way I would have had a clue about what I was doing on that paper.

I feel that these first two exams haven’t really set me up for what is to come because next week is English Lit, Maths, and P1 and I feel all four are going to be nowhere near as nice as these first ones. I say this but I haven’t really revised them, PE is tomorrow and I haven’t revised that, apart from at school, because I am having faith in myself that I am confident and I will do well. Also we revised after school for like two hours, plus we have two hours before the exam and I feel like that’s plenty on time. I cannot believe how close everything is to being over, it’s scary but I am very excited to leave school, at least to have a long (and well deserved) break.

I want to congratulate JazzyBen on completing her Sociology course and I would say that I won’t ever have to do PE again but it would be lies because I still have Key Process C to do (sarcastic yay). I have come to the conclusion that I am not a coursework gal because I cannot work to a deadline unless it is a literal ‘you sit your exam on this day’ and then I just got demoralised and refuse to do the coursework, and then I get sad that I haven’t done it, and then it all just builds up. It’s a very vicious cycle really.

Although I am not revising for this PE exam tomorrow, I should probably get some sleep so adios for now!- Lilla


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