Sayonara sociology

It feels even more satisfying seeing four black lines on my exam timetable, only 21 left to mark off next.

Today was a double exam day which I didn’t feel prepared for in the slightest. However, looking back at today I don’t feel too bad about it. The early morning get up and being at school for 7:30 went surprisingly well and without it I probably would have come out of my chemistry exam feeling awful as we went over nearly everything that was on the paper! I’m so glad that Miller and Urey finally got their time to shine, they have been waiting on the specification for too long, but I am sad that it wasn’t an entire question about them (that’s what you get when you’re only one theory in many). The six mark question was also a dream so I do thank AQA for being a babe. The only bad thing about this paper is that everyone else also found it quite nice so the grade boundaries will be really high for this paper too! I’m not mentally prepared for physics because it all has to go down hill at some point, I’ve been peaking for far too long.

Today was my last day of sociology…forever. It is actually quite sad, I should just take it at alevel…JOKES!!! I never want to see another sociology question in my bloody life. At first I came out of the exam thinking that it wasn’t too bad but the more I think about it core two was awful, they were such horrible questions and rarely asked for definitions which I love giving. Crime and deviance was actually the better half of the paper, I am so glad that I revised criminal subcultures as they actually came up (not that I probably answered the question very well). Crime statistics also came up which is a banger and the 20 mark could either give me loads of marks or absolutely none in the slightest so let’s all hope that it gives me loads. Also before I went into my exam, my lovely little funky bunch gave me a flapjack which really boosted me so I do thank them too.

The pe exam is tomorrow and then pe is done for good which will be a great feeling! But anyway I should really finished this so I can revise for pe,

peace out- Jasmine


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