He that hath the steerage of my course, direct my suit (into some nice exams please)

Soz for not updating yesterday, I was very busy and very tired.

The first week of exams is over! It went by super quickly even though Monday does seem like years ago now. This week has gone relatively well (fingers crossed) for me, I’m just hoping that the rest of my exams will go smoothly.

Pe is over forever!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never have to even think about it again really and I’m so glad to have gotten rid of James, Everyones favourite endomorph, obese friend, out of my life. The only annoying thing about the exam was the bloody dame kelly Holmes legacy trust question and the thorough warm up question.

Im actually quite scared about this week because I don’t feel ready for any of the exams. I’m not ready for English nor geography, I’m hopeless at physics and I’m kinda of hoping that the revision sessions will get me through, and I really want to do well in maths but I’m afraid that I won’t be prepared in the end.

Peace out- Jasmine


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