All I ever do is science

You may be sitting there wondering ‘I’m sure Jasmine had two exams on Monday, I wonder why she didn’t upload a blog post’ and the answer is that I was very tired and just went to bed because sleep is very important during these hard times. Anyway I am sorry, and Lilla forgot to post too so I feel slightly less bad.

English yesterday could have gone a lot better but it also could have gone a lot worse. I’m just thinking about it as the benefit of never having to read or look at Romeo and Juliet, and Jekyll and Hyde ever again makes up for any bad grade I could get. Only one more English lit exam to go and then I am free from it, however this next paper is my worse!

geography was interesting as well. Paper 1 always makes me realise how much I truly hate map and map reading. This map was actually readable which was a bonus (if you remember how last mock was a catastrophe). There’s also a lot of drama about the foundation paper because they asked a question about something that isn’t specifically specified on the specification. My nine mark question also didn’t ask for case studies which I was kinda annoyed about because I learnt so bloody many!!!

last week I told myself that I wouldn’t wait until the day before my physics exam to start learning the spec and yet here I am, with my exam tomorrow, learning all that I need to know (let’s hope it actually works)

peace out- Jasmine


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