I love a good doughnut

I can’t believe that I forgot to post again last night! It’s because of the meal out with the funky bunch, I was just so ‘busy’ revising maths afterwards that I forgot.

I’ll quickly just tell you about physics, which I think went quite well. There are  a few questions in which I’m sure that I don’t have full marks for but I’m not feeling too bad about it. Thanks AQA for giving us nice core exams

The dreaded maths was today. And I was super nervous about it because I just really want to do well and I think it was really good! I don’t want to be really confident just in case but it was such a nice paper (so hopefully that other papers will be similar and I can get a 9).

It is the final English lit paper tomorrow and then I never have to do it again!!! The only problem is that it’s such a long exam and I feel like I’m just going to get bored so quickly and fed up of writing.

peace out guys- Jasmine


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