The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today

Hello! Sorry I didn’t upload Thursday or Friday, I’ve been busy busy busy.

To update you on the exam front, maths went pretty well, I would describe it as a strong start and hopefully the other two will go as well. English was surprisingly ok but to be honest, I’m just glad to never have to do English Lit ever again- very happy thought. I feel very sorry for OCR kids who witnessed a royal screw up in their exam, but we can all hope that it will bring down the grade boundaries. I cannot believe I made it to half term, though it definitely feels like my exams are over and I have done no revision yet so it’s probably best I’m going in to school TUESDAY-SATURDAY!?!?!?! Nah holiday school is fun- I truly am a sad, sad person. If I’m being honest, normal school is quite fun and I’ll be very sad to leave 😦 Lots of other schools have gone on study leave now and seeing all their goodbye messages made me realise how close it is to me leaving school, and I just don’t think I’m independent enough yet to do like everything myself. Very scary, very scary.

Anyways, sorry for this being so short but I don’t really have anything else to say, this is goodbye until next Monday when I may or may not have an exam? I don’t actually know, that’s how chill I am. I should probably check. Oh wait I just remembered it’s history.

In the words of Jazzyben

Peace out- Lilla


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