Well, I could do that…

Hello! I hope you read the title in Catherine tate’s voice, if not then I am ashamed and you should go watch the video. I have returned from a long week of relaxing, where I did absolutely no real revision (a fact I’m sure will come back to bite me on the backside). It’s not the final two and a bit weeks of exams and high school left. I’m still feeling very melancholy about leaving school, I’m just going to miss the routine and everyone there. it will be weird going to a school next year when I will recognised less people than fingers on my hands.

This morning, on route to school, I mentioned to Lilla about how little revision I had done for the medicine paper and said that if I managed to get through the exam and feel positive then I would be superhuman. Turns out, although I obviously don’t have the result yet, I am superhuman and the paper was an absolute bliss. I actually think it was one of the nicest papers that they have ever done. Well nicest apart from the 6 marker on Chadwick or snow, who may be two very important people in public health but they didn’t do enough to for 6 marks. I actually now need to revise for Germany because I am very underprepared, I mean I’ve been prepared for medicine for the last two years.

English language and geography tomorrow which is great. Not stressful in the slightest. Yay.

Peace out and have a bath like a Middle Ages rich man- Jasmine

ps. I didn’t upload on the second English lit paper so just to say I think it was good, I’m glad bayonet charge came up and animal farm was good.

Ps 2. I would just like to remind everyone of when Isla fell over in maths and we all thought she had hit her head and was unconscious or something but she was actually fine and it was really funny.


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