This is not a drill. This is an absolute crisis trauma. I almost forgot to post (again) but I just remembered. Just quickly, medicine was all right yesterday, could’ve been better, could’ve been worse but I’ll take it. English today I though section A was surprisingly ok, section B I was very disappointed in myself, and I know I could’ve done better but oh well. No exam tomorrow which is probably the only good thing in my life right now.

I have just looked through all the Germany papers and I am so worried, I understand that I may still know more than some people, but that still doesn’t solve my lack of confidence and the fact that there were SO MANY questions where I literally had no idea for either option and that just terrifies me that I would literally have to make things up. I’m just all round very very scared. I’m sitting here at 11:15pm, an absolute mess, though my claim to fame today was getting like 25 likes on a tweet + I am very excited for my live twitter sesh on Sunday which you should all tune into. Sorry this is short, but I’ve just found out mum is now making pancakes which I quite fancy… so much for an early night!

Also, still hasn’t really hit me yet that school is over in two weeks today which is ter-ri-fying.

A very traumatised and stressed out- ReadL


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