G to the e to the no

today hasn’t gone too badly. English Lang was this morning and I don’t feel really confident but I do feel quite mediocre about it. I’m sad that I missed halser exclaim about the exam being all lies but all in all it wasn’t too bad. My description was probably horrible but the fact that I never have to do description again is keeping me going.

Geography was my second exam today and I think that it was quite a fair paper, the 6 marks on effects of a chosen earthquake was my absolute fav as well as lowestofts sea defences. I am sad that caves, arches, stacks and stumps didn’t come up like I really feel that they never got their time to shine. I did have a panic when looking back through the paper in the end to see questions with no answers written in them, luckily they were from the question I didn’t have to answer but it did give me a rather large heart attack.

I just keep going with my ‘well I could do that’ attitude for the rest of my exams. + just to say I am officially half way through my exams now!!!!!!!! How exciting.

Peace out- Jasmine


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