Bye bye biology… (Or at least until alevel)

It’s once again the end of another week. I can never really tell whether these weeks go really quickly or really slowly? Time is continuously passing and I feel like I still have so much to do while I’m at high school, and here I am with just over one week left not really wanting to leave.

I was at school for 11 hours today, I’m not sure you can consider that normal unless you go to boarding school. 7:30-18:30 is a bloody long time but hopefully is has benefitted me well. All this geography revision is driving me crazy but on Monday it will all be over and I will never have to even think about it again, that thought is all that is keeping me sane currently.

I finished he’d my biology GCSE today, what a scary thought. Overall I would say that is hasn’t gone too badly, sure I probably had a hiccup on a few of the questions but does that really matter anymore. I think that both of the paper were very generous, especially with the six markers. Speciation appeared!!!!!!! Which is something that made me very happy as I was afraid that it wasn’t going to. I’m also very proud of Lilla for completing this paper as I know that it has been very hard for her to quickly learn new knowledge and apply it, I don’t care about what words she wrote down for speciation, just the pure fact that she answered it and knew what she was going on about makes me happy, and I’m sure her results will reflect her dedication.

I think the most important thing I’ve learnt this week is that you must try and stay positive as much as possible during these hard times. Clearly yesterday wasn’t the best for me but it was nice that people even attempted to cheer me up even though it obviously wasn’t going to happen. I know that Harris will probs never see this but thanks for emailing me because you weren’t in school to see me:)))

Whilst im thanking Harris, I would just like to pre thank Albelda and Avery for doing all the geograoghy stuff in school and out because I know you probably hate the subject as much as I do, so I’m glad that we can stick together through this.

It is currently one minute to midnight… Actually it’s now midnight, how do I know? My watch just went off and wouldn’t bloody stop beeping. I have English revision tomorrow morning which is great  and it does mark that last time I will ever go into school for a Saturday revision session. But I should really go to bed now.

Peace out and stay positive – Jasmine


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