We’re practically on the final straight now

However we may not be running anymore, maybe a gentle jog (or a really slow crawl) to the finish line. Today I completed two more subjects and finalised two more grades that will be on that oh so lovely piece of paper in August.

English this morning was like the paper of dreams. It just seemed to included everything that I wanted. The two sources were clear in what they were talking about and had obvious perspectives which was like a dream come true. My timing went perfectly as well, which in an English exam is one of the most important things. I just cannot believe that English is over forever now, I never have to think about it ever again (fingers and toes crossed). I sadly will not say that I will miss English because truthfully I know that I won’t; I will, however, miss the 11×1 and our jokes with halser (no wonder she teared up on Thursday, we are such a great class!).

I ALSO FINISHED GEOGRAPHY TODAY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you can tell that I am extremely happy. I never have to think about it ever again and I am just so overwhelmed. Considering I’ve only been learning majority of the content this past week due to the massive mess up, this exam could not have gone any better. I honestly believe that it was the nicest paper and my best by far. I think I probably performed well because I was so happy that it was all over. My timings in this exam were great as well, I literally finished every section in just over/under 10 minutes. My last six mark question on Eco tourism is probably the neatest piece of work I have ever done because I literally had 25 minutes to write it. I am so thankful that it is all over and that it ended on a good note, I think it’s what we deserve after all we have been through and the stress I have undergone for months. Today probably wouldn’t have gone as well as it did today without the help of Albelda and Avery pitting all of their time and effort into it so I do thank them from the very bottom of my heart.

I am writing this as a way of avoiding maths but I should probably finish this off now so

peace out- Jasmine

ps I was so happy that I finished geography that I have myself a literal headache today


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