I’m Stres(sed)mann

I did say I was going to do two blogs tonight as I missed last night, but I am very sorry I just cannot be arsed.

Yesterday English was semi amazeballs. I want to be confident but you always have to be wary you got the complete wrong idea, however I can confidently say it went better than I ever expected it to. I officially have less than one week left of school which is crazy crazy. Today I had maths in the morning which I would describe as a mixed bag. I am not that confident about it, but at the same time it wasn’t awful. Though I would say my other two papers went better but not many people think that. I cannot believe maths and english are now finished! I mean are there even any exams left? Yes. Is the answer. After a moderately successful morning I then faced Catering which was just a bucketful of drama from start to finish. I wasn’t worried about the actual exam but because I had done literally no (and I mean no) revision, I think my brain was just telling me to be worried. After eating some dodgy beans at lunch, I instantly regretted my decision because as soon as I entered that exam hall, I knew I was in for the long haul. I officially left the room in a real exam, however that was because I thought I was going to throw up so there is a downside. Shoutout to Jazzyben for coming to find me after and joining me on the new experience of bunking (but not bunking) a lesson. So glad I got to see what truly goes on in the corridors during lessons.

As a result of the exams and the drama, I have done virtually no chemistry revision today but as always, Hope has managed to install some confidence in me that I will be fine and I do kind of believe her. I also just skimmed through the CGP book and I just feel like “well I could do that”. Jokes. I feel the complete opposite so yolo. Despite saying all week that I was not going to history tonight, I did manage to stay there till 6 but is that really a surprise? My new ambition over the summer is to learn a language because apparently it’s easy. And I also cannot believe that I was so prepared for that bloody car horn and then I was distracted by a man with the longest torso I have ever seen in my life and then a woman in nude trousers who looked like she wasn’t wearing anything! I am very annoyed at myself.

Also I haven’t mentioned the successful quiz I did on Sunday night! It was great fun and you should all feel jealous that you missed out because Jazzyben, Callum, and I had a wonderful time. For dinner tonight I had jacket potato which naturally I was very happy about because I love jacket potato, even though I had it for lunch and dinner. I feel like it was a taster of my future life where I eat nothing but jacket potato and lasagne. Going back to the Catering exam, despite the drama, it was the most piss-easy, embarrassing exam I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting so I’m glad I didn’t revise now.

I am very tired so I shall sleep soon. I hope to get 10 hours sleep, which means I need to be asleep by 9. Wish me the best.



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