I’m even more stres(sed)mann

I honestly feel like this will never end. All I seem to get is bucket full of headaches at the minute; every time I think about exams I seem to get one. Although I only have one week left now, which is really sad – I am honestly going to miss school (probably too much).

Maths today was 1000000% better than last weeks. I probably came out happy because of it and I am yet to have a mental breakdown which is a good sign. I can’t believe that maths is officially over! I don’t even have to think about it until September.

From the title of this wonderful post you must be wondering how I could be more stressed at the minute. Well I will tell you the answer and that answer is this: I have three exams tomorrow. Three exams. Just in case those at the back didn’t hear, yes I did say three exams. What person in their right mind says, oh look there are other exams on this day so let’s add our to the list. It is just cruel. And to top it off, it’s my worst science- chemistry- and my worst history -Germany. What a bloody piss take. I’ve spent all day revising and I feel no knowable, chemistry in school only stressed me out because I realised truly how little I know and I’m just hoping that I have enough time tomorrow to revise for Germany because tonight is not the night for it. I love leaving things to the last minute!!!

Hopefully I can get some good sleep tonight because I’ll be needing it for tomorrow.

Peace out – Jasmine


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