It’s nearly time for the parting of the ways

Wow my blog post is even more overdue than lillas. I honestly told myself yesterday that I MUST write this as soon as I get home from lillas house but naturally, I didn’t and I ended up falling straight to sleep because I was very very tired after the day’s events.

I will now do the same as Lilla did and transport you back through time to tell you about all that I have done this past week… (Look at that ellipsis for effect)

On Wednesday I had chemistry in the morning. They were definitely my worst science papers which was kinda annoying because I really wanted to finally do well in chemistry but also who really cares now because it’s all over!! I then had the stressful two hours of revising history before the exam and I ended up not doing much revision but the history exam went well! There was a question on the treaty of vesailles, stresemann, and education- three of my favourite parts of Germany. I’m so glad that history went well for Lilla as she really did deserve it after all that she went through with it.

After the Germany exam we got kicked out of school which is nice of them:))) but we still stayed and spoke to Avery and Harris about the exams for a while. Later in the evening, as you should know from reading lillas post (because these must be read in order), we biked on down to the shops to buy PRESENTS!!!!! There was a big palarva about where we were meeting which was really funny but Jenna still gets annoyed about it so I shall save it for another day.

We bought so many presents but they were all so perfect so we couldn’t resist, and when you’re splitting it between four people is doesn’t amount to much (or does it?). Biking home was really funny and I did get told that I would have to ‘bike faster in order to fly’ (look at that embedded quote!). We then went to the fountains to take pictures and all of our jumping pictures that we took were first attempts which I believe is very impressive. I would like to thank Jake Marshall for allowing us to use his awesome phone for it. Naturally we then went to asda and got more bits. AND asda have started to make and restock their cookies again which means that all is well with the world again (it really just topped off the good day). I did get told off by my family for being out too late on a school night which I think is kinda funny but I do appreciate their care.

Thursday we didn’t have an exam which felt really weird because we just had physics for three lessons straight and then our leavers assembly. I did manage to receive four awards which was so kind of the teachers to give (I’m sure you’ve all seen my dads Facebook post about how proud he is of me about it). I was sad that we then got kicked out of school and we didn’t get to see all the teachers but it did give us more time to hoss down town to get more bits for presents (yes, you probably didn’t think we needed to spend more money but somehow we did). After finding more perfect presents we spent the rest of the afternoon assembling everything together and I must say that I have never been prouder in my entire life over a piece of work. The map was just so perfect as all the little details just made it all worth it. Because we spent so much time making and wrapping the presents it gave us little time to actually revise so naturally instead of revising when I got home I wrote my card to teachers- a very strange experience because, as Lilla did say, it really makes you realise how everything is coming to an end.

Friday morning I work up very early and I thought that if I blinked my brain would go to sleep. However, physics went very very well for me because everything that I had revised came up, and everything I didn’t, didn’t. There was a six mark question on the life cycle of stars which made me well up inside and the cannon ball question on momentum (which is the exact example I gave to Lilla when I taught it to her the night before) came up which really is just amazing. After physics I had to sit through two hours of learning surgery and being very very excited to give presents out.

Hope love her present so much and she cried, which made me want to cry (my eyes went so glossy that I couldn’t actually see anything). But Hope deserves everything after all that she has done for me (and everyone else). The humanities department and Harris really didn’t expect their presents and their reaction were priceless. I have never seen grown adults be so excited that someone has given them hobby horses and a practical jokes kit. It was so funny I can’t even explain.

After leaving school yesterday, it just all became so real that we’re leaving school forever on Tuesday and that we may never see some people again, I know that there is still prom and results day but that’s not a lot. I’m just going to miss so much about school- if you’re a kid and you can’t wait to leave school then you clearly haven’t had a proper school experience. Nonetheless we still have presents and cards to give away next week as well as the surgery exam. Exciting times ahead of us (even though they will be sad too).

I didn’t mean for this to be such a long blog post so a bucket full of soz for you guys. + today will be Mine and lilla’s four day streak of crazy days!

peace out guys – Jasmine


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