Just a tad overdue

I am so sorry, I haven’t written a blog since Tuesday! That’s crazy but I’ve been very busy and I wanted enough time to fill y’all in.

Working our way backwards, the Chemistry exam was ok. It wasn’t awful but C2 was definitely was my worst paper, history on the other hand was amazing! It was like a perfect paper, everything I wanted to come up did and everything I didn’t, didn’t. I actually couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the 16 marker I had literally told Avery the night before “Wouldn’t it be amazing if this came up?!” Crazy.

Wednesday does get better though, because that night we went and bought all of the presents!!! It was the most exciting night of my life and biking home with probably the biggest things we could find in the shop, was a challenge, but just made the night even more exciting. We had a slight dilemma that we still didn’t know what to get Albelda though so our quest continued into the next afternoon. To be continued…

Thursday, there were no exams, so we just did three Physics lessons which I’m not going to lie to you, I learnt basically nothing (surprise surprise). And then we had the leavers assembly which was so bad, it was kinda good. I won awards. My ego has been inflated just a little bit more (jokes). I am very proud though of Jazzyben for getting the outstanding achievement in Science award, truly well deserved. Very sad that everyone got kicked out of school so early though because we didn’t get to see a lot of teachers.

Back to the story, Jasmine and I raced down to town on our bikes to get vital supplies. Basically paint for the wagon wheel and the HAND painted letters, still very proud of those, and the remaining bits we needed. When we arrived home, we got straight to work with no time to lose, Jake arrived to assist and also because he was an idiot and forgot the photos. He ended up painting the wagon wheel, but he was excused because he did such a good job. We finally had  Albelda’s present but naturally we had to assemble it. It was the proudest moment of my life. Jazzyben and I couldn’t believe that we had actually achieved something and QOTD had to be “We’re not retards!”~ Lilla 2017. And of course, we couldn’t resist but go to Asda and buy more Spanish Oranges. The presents were complete, and now we had to write the cards. It was a very emotional time and I think it finally made me realise that we were actually leaving.

Yesterday was the Physics exam which somehow went amazingly? Shoutout to Jazzyben for predicting the cannon question and teaching me the night before. It was brill, though after the drama of the night before, I was extremely tired and I was almost falling asleep in history. BUT NOT FOR LONG, because then we got to give the presents. It was very stressful because we couldn’t find Hope at first, but after looking everywhere (and getting her on the radio) we did find her and she loved her present. She cried. I tried very hard not to. And humanities where we were only going to stay for ‘half an hour’ ended up being an hour and a half, but it was fine because it was amazing.

That brings us up to last night where Jasmine and I, just sat on my stairs and contemplated life without school, went to Asda, ended up in McDonalds, went just a tad hysterical, Jake almost killed me by walking us into the road, and then Jazzyben and I resumed our position at the kitchen table where we again, contemplated life without school. I think this will be my future from now on.

Two days left, One exam…



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