The world is round and the place which may seem like the end, may also be the beginning

STOP!! If this is the first blog post you have encountered, read no further and scroll all the way back to our humble beginnings. You have to read it in order.


Welcome! To the last ever blog post (until results day). As it is a special post, for one night only, we welcome you to our joint blog post. Very sad.


This is so hard to write. I just don’t know how to feel about this being the end. I really can’t believe that after all this time we are finally done, all the revision and the stress has finally come to an end. 


First off, I would like to thank you for joining us on this draining, emotional, and eventful journey. I cannot believe how much has happened since we first started this blog and it really doesn’t feel like we are leaving, probs because we keep finding ways to come back. High school always has and always will have a special place in my heart and I keep telling myself that it is time to move on, but in all honesty, I don’t feel ready. Looking back over the mocks and the exams, it has made me realise that I would do it all over again, but unfortunately I can’t . So instead, I have to look forwards, which is absolutely terrifying (sorry this isn’t positive but the emotions are spilling out onto the page). I cannot deny though that there is definitely a part of me that is very happy to finally be done with it all.


‘High school isn’t meant to last forever’ – a wonderful quote from High School Musical which I think is really important right now. I honestly don’t want high school to end even though I know that it is inevitable, all things truly must come to end. I really think that this is the saddest part about it, knowing that as much as you try to hold on to what you have, you will eventually have to let go and move forward. This is a fact that I am not currently accepting. I am grateful that all of the exams have ended but I do feel that there is still so much that I can learn (which is probs why I am taking a-levels). I just can’t thank everyone enough for following this journey that I have enjoyed so much, Lilla and I have truly had the time of our lives writing these posts every night (or almost every night because we are so useless and kept forgetting!!). 


And now, for the best summer of our lives! Where we completely forget about the exams and results day and I can already feel the stress of a-levels lingering in the air. I truly hope that by the time it comes to results, that I won’t care and I will be proud of whatever I get because I know that I couldn’t have done any better (for most of the exams) and I also want Jazzyben to know that whatever she gets whether that is a 9, or an 8, or even an awful 7, I will be proud (and very excited to open them on the 24th of August). I also want to thank her for writing this very pointless blog with me which I don’t think anyone has actually read and also for being my exam buddy. I truly don’t think I would’ve cared as much, let alone revised as much if it hadn’t have been for my faithful blogging partner motivating me from the first mocks of year 8, to the very last exams in year 11- that is commitment. Also, note the lack of surgery mentioned in this blog because I want to keep up the positivity and if I never mention it, maybe I can erase it from my memory? I am very happy that exams are over and I hope everyone has a nice life.


Looking back at high school, I don’t see any regret. I truly believe that high school will forever and always be the best years of my life. I have met some amazing and inspiring people who I hope to stay in contact with. I will cherish my memories of high school in my heart forever (when did I become so soppy?) I will always look back at memories, like the time we sang in Swedish in performing arts to staying at school until 6 o’clock with the history department doing probably nothing to eating our body weight in doughnuts and Lilla shouting “BAZMIN” to catch my attention, and be glad that they all happened. I cannot thank Lilla enough for being my number one supporter since day one, she has inspired me to be something great and I am so proud of her for getting through every lesson, every test and every exam. She excels in every way, even when I have to push her to do something, and I look forward to opening her results in 64 days, I just know that they are going to be so good (I’m so excited!!). I also just want to thank all of the kids of school, I most probably don’t know your name and now I will most probably never know which is great but if I do know who you are then you’ve probably put a smile on my face from being nice and kind, or saying a stupid comment that I’ve laughed at because they are my favourite thing to laugh at. I would just like to wish you a happy life because I will probably (and hopefully for most of you) never see you again. 


I hate goodbyes, so naturally this is not the final final goodbye as we will post our results on results day (obviously). However, before I go, I would like to say on behalf of Jasmine and I thank you to every single teacher. Even those random supply ones that turned off my oven in Catering (still fuming) but mainly the teachers that spent way longer than they were ever expected to, just to help and reassure and go over and over things until they probably thought we were stupid. We are eternally grateful and no words can ever thank them enough. So, until the the 24th of August this is goodbye from me…  (and Jasmine)


Lastly, a big thank you to all staff that work at our wonderful school. You went above and beyond to make us feel prepared. All early morning sessions, after school sessions and late night emails mean everything to us and we are so thankful. Now it is finally time to say cya (as goodbye is a bit too formal) until the 24th of August. 

In the words of Jazzyben, Peace Out- ReadL & Baz Minh

And just remember, this story may be ending, but the journey is only just beginning…


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