Letters (and numbers) on a piece of paper don’t define you

Wow is it that time already? Only joking it literally feels like I’ve been waiting for my results for donkeys years (but it does seem like a flash too). I honestly feel like my entire life had been leading up to this moment but it has literally not disappointed me in any way, I have managed to achieve way more than I even imagined and I am virtually on the verge of tears quite frequently at this point. Nonetheless, what a journey today has been for me, and really for everyone around me. I am so filled with pride for literally everyone I know (and don’t know) I can’t quite explain it. You are all probably just skipping this because you want to see my results and all shall be revealed…….

I’m just going to give my results in the order that they are on the sheet because I can’t be bothered to organise them all so here we go:

Maths – 9!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally can’t believe this at all. I know some expected this of me but I seriously didn’t think it was possible after my second paper, but I only dropped 19 marks on the paper when I thought that I would only get 19 marks overall. I’m just so happy with this and I’m so excited to shave Harris’ hair off!!!!!!!!!!!! Harris is also the very best maths teacher in th world and I am going to miss him so much man

English language – 8! I literally can’t believe this at all (I think I’ll probably say that about all of my grades but oh well). This is something that is completely unexpected because I honestly thought that I would get a 6 or potentially a 7 and I would be so happy, I am over the bloody moon instead. I am one mark off a 9 so I should be getting a remark but I don’t mind either grade, both are such an achievement for me!! To match this lovely 8 I have another fat lady as my English lit grade! How amazing!! I finally pulled it out of the bag with my animal and poetry (go storm on the island)!

Geography- A*!! Like this is unbelievable! I got only dropped 6 UMS overall which is amazing considering I was learning the content a few days before the exam. This grade is completely down to Albelda and Avery who did everything in their power to prepare me!

History – A*!! Like yay and I think the funniest part about this is that I got a B on my surgery paper like after all the preparation they gave us, I clearly didn’t use very much but I think the fact that it was my 25th exam just meant that I didn’t care very much anymore, I had already given it my all!! I’m still so pleased and I did in fact manage to score a 100 UMS which is absolutely fabulous.

Biology – A*!!!!!! YES! This is all I’ve wanted and I’m so proud of myself!!!!!!! I’m so pleased because I worked so damn hard for it! To give this grade a nice friend I got an A* in Chemistry!!!! Which I am extremely happy about because it literally means the world getting it after only getting As in mocks. To make this a triple threat I only went and got an A* in physics!!! This is literally what dreams are made of! I can’t believe that I managed A*s in all of my sciences, I’m so proud!

Sociology – A!!! This is so great and I completely forgot that I even took sociology so this was a lovely surprise for me this morning!!! I’m so happy with it and that I’m never doing ever again.

My last grade holds a special place in my heart, PE – B!!!! I got a friggin B!!! I managed to completely smash my exam and get an A* so I could pull my practical up!!! Lilla and I were literally jumping up and down about this grade and I just can’t stop smiling thinking about it!!!!!!!

So those are all of my lovely grades!!!  I am so proud of myself for achieving what I have and I am also so proud of my little Lilla’s grades. She is an amazing person who deserves everything and more (I can’t believe that she got a personal letter from AQA about how amazing her results were!) I should also mention how proud I am of Jenna and jakey!!!

I have also now officially enrolled at Sir Isaac and I’m taking four alevels (yes I know that it is a lot of added stress but I really wanted to take four)!! So I am officially taking maths, chemistry, biology and philosophy! Exciting times ahead! I also went to bed at 2:30 in the morning and woke up at 5:30 so I’m am very sleep deprived and should probably nap before I party the night away.

Peace out and see you again soon (because now I can randomly upload blog posts which I hope you will all enjoy) – Jasmine


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