Rule 1- Choose the things you love. Rule 2- Don’t break rule 1

And so the 24th of August is finally here! You don’t understand how many times I have opened this page and have been so tempted to write just one tiny post, but I wanted my next post to be this one.

Wow. I am still in shock at how amazing I did and how amazing everybody did and I just never expected to ever feel this happy in my entire life. It was a long night of jigsaw puzzles (that didn’t belong to us), ASDA trips, and grade boundaries and if I’m being honest, I didn’t think I was going to make it to the other side. Also 100% get your friends to open your results because it makes it way more fun.

So here goes, I’m just going to take you through a walking tour of my grades.

In English Language and Literature I got a 9 which is so insane, and I actually still kind of disbelieve it, though my personal letter from AQA confirmed it for me. And I got 158/160 for Lit. which I don’t think is actually possible, and I guess my 20 pages of quotes actually did help me.

In Maths I got a 7, for those that don’t know me well, this was as good as it was going to get. But I am so happy as I was really nervous I was going to get a 6 which really would have annoyed me. Thank you thank you Harris for forcing me to do work sometimes, and for finally caving in and letting me sit next to Jasmine (who is an excellent Maths tutor). And I got 50 marks on paper 1 which was the highest I have ever got on a maths paper!

In Science Core and Additional, I got an A. I am a little gutted I didn’t get an A* but I am still so so happy and my additional is being sent in for a remark. Again thank you thank you Hope for just being a general godsend and teaching everything I needed to know the morning of the exam, and of course my personal tutor Jazzyben.

In History I got an A* which I am super happy about because I really really wanted to do well, and I did slave for many hours and clearly it paid off. I did the best in the medicine paper which is hardly a surprise because we have been doing it for a gazillion years and I don’t think they could have asked me one question that I haven’t answered before, I did alright on Germany and amazingly, I did well on Surgery! Despite my mental breakdown the morning of the exam, like I was literally expecting a C. And thank you to the whole humanities department who have put up with me (and Jasmine) for more hours than any normal teacher should ever endure.

In Catering I got an A* which I am very happy about, but it wasn’t much of a surprise, though I am sure one day my catering knowledge will come in use, hopefully.

In PE I got an A which is crazy because my practical grade was so low, but luckily I got an A* in my coursework and my exam so it pulled me up (thank the lord) Thank you Crome, we would be failing without you, I dread to think what I would have got if we still had Willis.

I also got Distinction*s in Btec and Drama which I guess is alright, didn’t help me get into college though.

And that concludes my results. One of the most satisfying things is that I always told my mum I was going to get straight As and she never believed me, yet here I am.

This really is the end of GCSEs, I am officially enrolled into Jane Austen where I shall be studying History, Psychology, and Philosophy. I won’t say what Jazzyben got or chose to do at sixth form so you all have to go read her blog as well and I don’t want to spoil the good (or bad because I’m not spoiling it) grades. However I will say thank you again because not only did she teach the same things to me over and over again until there was physically no other way to explain it, but she made me care so much because of her ambition and determination, and I truly dread to think what my grades would have been without her. I know for a fact I wouldn’t have been half as motivated as I was, which I know isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I am so glad that we did this together.

Of course the blog doesn’t end here, we will continue to post throughout all of our A levels, and probably just all the time because lets be real, who doesn’t love the blog? So stay tuned.

One very happy Read.



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