Closing Time

Another blog post? So soon? The answer is yes. We have been very sad that we couldn’t use the blog these last few weeks and so yes, we shall abuse the privilege to write on it. Also, it’s a very important day today, which needs noting in the archives.

Today we said goodbye to our paper round!! This is very sad for us, you may see us as sad but then again you probably already thought this. Three years we did the paper round every Friday, without fail. That is around 150 paper rounds!!! Amazing. There will be many things we will miss, like which side of St Peters Road we actually weren’t meant to deliver to? (So we just didn’t do them both). The horrible lady on Newark Road who could always find something to complain about the way I deliver her paper. Disney Village! The cul-de-sac paradise which actually got pretty run down in the end. The pink house where this man once had some flowers and was knocking on the door but no one answered so he just drove away and it was the saddest thing ever. The creepy guy on the other side of Newark Road who always tried to speak to us and it’s a miracle we are still alive because he was very scary. The “We’ve been good to you girls” house who we were told not to deliver to, and then complained that we didn’t deliver to them. Lorne Road, which was long and treacherous, however the lorne kids always managed to make our day, whether that be riding segway boards, playing badminton in the street, or just having a good ol’ smoke in the garden. The Orange shop (sorry we didn’t deliver your leaflets that time but you do seem like a very illegal shop). The Birthday house! Where pretty much every week there was a birthday banner outside, I imagine the was a whole village hidden away in there. The ongoing mystery of the chapel. A one story house, that was the house of one big room, and no word of a lie about 50 different people have emerged from the door. And lastly, but certainly not least, our favourite house ‘Provo’ or formally known as Providence House (still can’t believe it’s not actually providence place). This house the first time I walked down the path, it was a spider infested horror movie, and to this day, the radio is always on yet we have never seen one person that lives there.

Of course we had to go out in style with me breaking one more letter box and then running away because I couldn’t fix it, and Jasmine breaking a gate. I do apologise for the countless breakages we have caused so many houses, however this does mean Crazy Friday Nights © will be even crazier! Like what are we actually meant to do with ourselves? The answer is we’ll be travelling back from Norwich which is why we have to give it up in the first place. This does also mean though that the paper round goes through the last generation of Bennett/Read kids. I’m sure Charlie and Maisie will have as much fun doing the paper round as we did.

Also thanks Jasmine for doing all the low letterbox houses, but then again, I did pull the trolley which has left the palm of my hands scarred.

This truly is a new chapter in our lives.

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 00.32.33.png


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