‘If you have a knife, please stab me several times, or just any mildly sharp object will do.’

Today has been the worst day of my life. Well, it may not be the absolute worst day, but it is definitely in my top three. It was already competing against the best high school and then it goes and does absolutely nothing in my case (you will understand later). College has already caused me more stress than all of my GCSEs put together, and that is no joke. I have already been on the verge of about three mental breakdowns.

You may be thinking that I am not the most optimistic person but today was just so awful I can’t even put it into words. We arrived at 10, in fact we were 10 minutes early. However at about 10:30, still no one had come in to the sixth form study centre where me, Kieran, and about 150 other kids were just loitering around. They FINALLY came and got us to delight us with the news that we had an assembly. Which was a complete waste of time because no one really knew what they were talking about, they just rambled about being a role model (and to be honest the usual stuff you would expect). Then we had a break. BREAK? Break from what so far we hadn’t done anything. So again Kieran and I are left loitering around this foreign school which has far too many stairs. After our break we sat down in the dinner hall to take a WHOLE YEAR register, which only took about half an hour. I did discover there was someone there called Lille Read, which was quite funny. Then we kind of sat there for a bit, meanwhile Jasmine was updating me on how they were sitting in their forms, getting their student IDs and timetables. And we were sat doing absolutely nothing. We then went back into the Atrium where we did a general knowledge quiz? Basically all the teachers were teaching so they just needed us to do something. Then the teachers came back to inform us that they were still teaching so we were put into groups (my favourite thing) and had to pick an object out of the bag and make a marketing campaign for it? What does that even mean. This was about half 12 and they said go explore Norwich and come back at 2? So here I am with a bunch of random kids just aimlessly walking around Norwich, and at this point I was already very angry. Also bear in mind we were PROMISED our timetables at 2 when we came back (you can see where this is going).

After wasting pretty much all day, we finally get back to Jane Austen, where Jasmine has already messaged me saying she is finished, got her timetable, ID, and even has her school email. We get back and they start giving out timetables. Pretty much everyone had something wrong with it, mine said I was taking Philosophy and Art and Design, which is just brilliant. I might have found it a bit funnier if I hadn’t already had the worst day. So I gave back my timetable, and then they said they had problems with student IDs so we are not getting them until tomorrow. Then they said go and explore and find your classrooms. 1) they had already told us to explore about three times already, I was done with ‘exploring’. and 2) What classrooms was I meant to find? Art and Design? They finally said we can go so I met back up with Jasmine, Jenna, and Merridith who had had a wonderful time, unlike me. Jasmine and I then sat in Castle Mall while I truly explained the traumatic day, and then we had Bella Italia, which was the only thing good to come out of today because I had my all time favourite meal, Lasagne. We then watched Inhumans which was a complete waste of money in the cinema, but it was still worth having like a 15 hour day? (I don’t think it was)

The thing that pisses me off the most is the lack of organisation, but also the lack of communication between the ‘partner colleges’. Like they did not mention Sir Isaac once at Jane Austen, and Jasmine said it was likewise there. And there are so many things like they told us like we have to put a £5 deposit on our Student ID cards, but at Isaac Newton they were just given them. And they told us we HAVE to stay at school 3:15-4 every Monday and Tuesday but apparently not at Sir Isaac. And apparently at Jane Austen we HAVE to register at 9, even though there is no longer form in the morning and we may not have a lesson until the afternoon which is complete an utter bullshit, but at Sir Isaac they don’t have to be in until you have a lesson.

In short this has been a terrible day and if I ever told you I had a bad day, I lied because I had not truly experience a bad day until today, and I also don’t really like any teachers or any kids and if I’m being honest at the minute, I just want to get my A-Levels and get out of there. I am hoping (and praying) that tomorrow will be better because if it isn’t I honestly don’t think I can go there because it has caused me so much stress already and that is no word of a lie.

The tears are real- Lilla

ps. I am putting money on it now that tomorrow they will tell me all the Psychology classes are ‘full’ even though I picked that since like last October when I first applied and I am 100% ready to fight my corner or just breakdown in front of them, I’m not completely sure yet

pps. I have just read this through and like I said, it does not even express how bad my day was and how angry I am.



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