School was for me, but this isn’t school. This is hell.

Ok, so these everyday blog posts are not going to last because I am going to have so much to do!! Already I feel like I am behind and I have had one lesson.

Today was definitely better than yesterday, but then again I would have had to have my eyeballs pricked with a blunt fork and then gouged out of my sockets for it to be any worse than yesterday. I only had History so it was kind of alright. The teacher is nice but the kids are very very annoying. And the textbooks are so expensive? Like why do this to me. And I just feel like I know nothing, even though we were doing the industrial revolution, I just sat there like I have no idea what was going on. The kids are also very pretentious, they kept going on about the metropolitan police, and I was like hun you clearly learnt that from crime and punishment at GCSE. And then they were arguing about what Pasteur did and one boy was just convinced he was the ‘beer guy’ and the other was convinced he made the vaccination, and then someone else was like, ‘I think he did the germ theory’. It was very frustrating to sit and listen to them.

After History, Kieran and I went to the library at The Forum which was super fun because who doesn’t love a library? And I carried on reading ‘Sophie’s World’ which just got even weirder (you’re going to love it Jasmine when I finally finish it). It is just so exhausting all the time and just makes me cry because I don’t want to be at college. And I just hate how much independence they give you, like they finally gave me my timetable and then just told me to pop off to my lessons and just expect you to get on with it. Sorry, but where is my transition ambassador? I just want to be treated like a year 7 going into high school because they are all very scary and I am a naive gazelle and I don’t know what to do.

If the A Levels were hard, but I was still at school, I would be fine, but it’s the A Levels on top of all the changes which is just getting to me. And I don’t actually think I am going to last two years.

Tonight Charlie and I looked at pictures of me in year 7 and it just helped me remember a happier time in my life which is definitely not now.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better because I have a lesson with Jasmine, and a lesson with Jenna (and Kieran).



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