I know that I need to be saved

Another post? What a treat for you! I know (factual?) that next week I will officially start my a level courses and I just won’t have time to write lots of blog posts which is really sad. I am so sorry for all you loyal readers (I think that Lilla is the only person that reads my post tbh)

Today marks the end of my first week (well half week) at sixth form. I would sum it up as mostly a disaster, however, today did make me feel a little bit better about my a levels but not much. This morning I had a biology lesson which was okay; I found out that I got 66% in my baseline test which is a slight bit of an embarrassment. I also found out that these results help determine what my predicted grades are, although low predicted grades are exactly what I need right now. I’m just going to mention now that I have a baseline gcse maths test at some point next week and I really don’t want to have to remember how to do things and simultaneously get annoyed at myself for not being able to do it all.

there was a great change to my day when I got to have a lesson with Lilla!! We had philosophy in the basement which isn’t as scary as it sounds and I hope that we don’t get murdered down there, + there are literally no windows in the classroom so I do dread the summer months. philosophy was absolutely brilliant, it was definitely the best lesson I’ve been to so far which isn’t hard but any who. it was actually nice because the teacher is really great and funny, I do believe that we would be friends if she were our age. we also started learning the course and I feel like my mind is blown, trying to understand how we know things is very confusing (hence why I wrote factual at the beginning of this blog because I believe that that is the type of knowledge). Lilla and I also made an awesome poster which completely showed up everyone else. It’s so nice having Lilla for one subject, she is literally my little saviour, and we get to be Sherlock and Watson many times. This has also confirmed that if I have to drop a subject then I will be maths because I love philosophy too much.

The rest of my day was a free so I just sat and did some biology homework, I already feel swamped in homework which sucks because next week I will literally have 10x the amount I have now.

peace out- jasmine

p.s I originally wrote this blog post and it wouldn’t publish so I took screenshots and have rewritten all of this (I am dead)


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