Truman: The Return

To set the scene for you, I am sitting at my office chair, with my back massager (how cool, and needed after carrying around a very heavy bag) and my laptop. I feel extremely professional, I am not going to lie to you. Also I am down to my 18th free hour of the week, I hope I don’t use these up too quickly.

Today was 10x better than any other day so far, which is a relief because it gives me hope that things will get better. Today I had history, and although I did a bit of research on the industrial revolution so I didn’t feel quite so rusty, I still don’t really have any idea how the political system works, which I think is quite unnecessary in History, but nevertheless, it is proving to be quite a problem so I should probably do something about that.

I also had Psychology which is very interesting and the teacher is very nice, but he is a bit like Newt Scamander because he can’t make eye contact. We were learning about long term and short term memory, when we had a Truman situation PART TWO! Basically, he was explaining a study where they got a selection of people to remember different words, some were acoustically grouped together (words that sound the same eg. cat, cab, car) and some semantically grouped together (words that are similar eg. big, large, tall) the study found that when asked to recall straight after seeing the words, they struggled to remember the acoustically grouped words, and when asked to recall 20 minutes later, they struggled to recall the semantically grouped words. Apparently, this proves that the short term memory ‘codes’ things acoustically, and the long term memory ‘codes’ semantically. We were like hold on a cotton pickin’ minute, if they struggled to recall those the worst, surely they code words the other way? And the guy was like no because if you are driving a car badly, you are still trying to drive, if you code semantically similar words badly, you are still trying to code semantically. He didn’t really understand that we were saying, surely they code the other, and then I realised that maybe they didn’t code the other one at all which then makes sense if they only coded one way, but did it badly, then it proves that is the way they code. However, then he was like, the short term memory does code semantically some of the time, and it just sent us all into melt down again, so Albelda should feel happy that he is not the only one who has experienced a lesson where we are very clearly not on the same page.

I don’t imagine you understood most of that, but the point to take away is that it was a repeat of Truman and it brought back literal Vietnam flashbacks, and we didn’t finish the lesson, which is quite funny because we are only two lessons in and already we are technically behind. It’s nice to know that things never change.

In other news, I found a really cool spiderman hoodie which sadly was £40, I would 100% have bought it but it didn’t have pockets, that was the deal breaker for me. We also found out that Kieran’s key card works (some of the time) which was a revelation and I’m glad that everyone in reception heard Me, Jasmine, and Kieran celebrate. And of course, the assembly was hilariously disorganised and pointless. It started half an hour late and it actually didn’t tell us anything. The funniest thing is that all the teachers are so nice (our fav philosophy teacher was there and so was Rachel (office lady reincarnate)) but the management is so bad. I think I have confirmed with this blog post that we can never publicly share this blog at Jane Austen. They just seems to be no communication or organisation. They should seriously get Seadon over there, he’d sort them out sharpish.

Also, to cheer us up, Jasmine and I did spend all day talking about East Point memories (which she did mention) and I’m sure she won’t mind me posting some of the messages because they are just so funny. Also bear in mind, that this is just a selection when we weren’t even looking, so imagine the gold dust that is still within. For the benefit of y’all readers out there, I am grey, and Jasmine is blue. I’m sure that is quite obvious but I don’t  know what technophobes from Bremen might be reading our blog. Also I apologise if this all goes wrong on a phone, on my laptop it looks fine.

FullSizeRender 15.jpgIMG_5767 2.PNG

IMG_5768 2.PNG\FullSizeRender 13.jpg

FullSizeRender 14.jpgFullSizeRender 16.jpg

IMG_5765 2.PNGIMG_5766 2.PNG



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