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I am honestly exhausted. A levels have already taken everything out of me. I honestly believe that I don’t get time to breathe (which is a big problem). I worked both days at the weekend which meant that I could do zero school work without physically passing out from exhaustion. This, however, was and still is a big problem because I have so much work still to do and so little time to do it all in.

I have so mich homework per subject like I don’t think people understand, and it’s only the beginning of the year so there will be much more to come once I’m in the full swing of things. I’m just going to run through how my homework works, every lesson (this is mostly science) I have a piece of homework, like exam questions, on what I did in the lesson. My next piece is to prepare for the next lesson by reading up about the content, make notes etc so I’m ready for what ever we’re learning about. And lastly, I have a recall piece which means I have to revise something for a test in the next lesson. That is three pieces of homework that I get per lesson. I hope you can all now understand why I am so tired.

The last week went by so slowly, like Lilla said it actually felt like 700 years, and I’m still recovering. I’m getting more used to A levels every day but they are still so tedious and I just don’t like them. I think I agree with Lilla in the fact that I hate not knowing something or seeming incompetent to the teacher. I’m really loving chemistry and philosophy at the minute. I am enjoying learning new things like the fact that an atoms electron shells have sub-shells and orbitals which are all really confusing, or who knew that we can’t come up with a definition for knowledge because very time we do someone manages to disprove it! See Sixth form is great…. I think that I mostly like philosophy because I get to spend time with Lilla and it just feels like a great environment. our philosophy class are great too, like everyone is so funny and we all just debate about things and have a laugh.

Maths, on the other hand, is not a laugh. You may have seen on my twitter that I did a poll at some point last week on whether I should quit maths or stick with it. There was an overwhelming majority of people who wanted me to stay, which is surprising considering Lilla told everyone in her family and friends list (apart from her mum) to vote quit it. And I would just like to say to the 67% that I am staying thanks to their votes, and a few talks to people. I’m going to stick with it until at least my first data point because you never know I might fail everything and be forced to drop something, in which case I will happily drop it!! The only problem is that I have to buy a textbook and calculator when I don’t know if I’m staying but I might just teach myself the subject if not.

Assembly was cancelled today which was really disappointing and I’m upset with Rachel Barker for it. My hours have restarted now and I already feel like I’ve wasted them which probably isn’t for the best but oh well it’s done now. I also slept on the way home which was a new experience but it hasn’t helped with my tiredness. I hope you’re all coping with your lives because I certainly am not!

peace out – jasmine


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