Sneezes make me sneeze, if you know what I mean.

Hello! So it has been a whole week since you have been updated on the ever-going uphill struggle which is A Levels. I honestly had to check the date of my last post because I couldn’t believe it had only been 7 days. No word of a lie, it feels like 700 days. You know how like dog years are different to human years, I think one day of A Levels is equivalent to one week of high school, or just any day where you don’t have to go to college.

All week I have been keeping notes so I don’t forget to write about things (lists are my new favourite things and I literally make one a day, though that’s probably only because it makes my diary look cool, and my wall because I stick post it notes up of things to do). Anyway, side-tracked. The first thing on the list is ‘standing in the middle of the road’ and it took my quite a while to remember what I was going on about, and then I remembered. Last week (at some point) Jasmine and I were walking across a very wide road and then a car started driving towards us, and then instead of just stepping back or hurrying to the other side, we both literally just stopped. And we literally just walked around the middle of the road not knowing what to do with ourselves. Luckily the car did stop and we made it to the other side, but we were both so bewildered it was actually hilarious. It was the true definition of a rabbit in the headlights. This also reminds me that traffic lights in Norwich are not fun. There is literally a flashing green man, and the lights start to change to amber, and there are just so many traffic lights everywhere you turn. I do not like crossing a road when there is not a green man because I think I have the very rational fear of getting hit. Kieran also laughs at me every day for looking both ways at the zebra crossing, but when a car comes speeding down and I live to tell the tale, I will be the one laughing.

All my lessons are still ok. Since I last updated the blog, I’ve met my other history teacher who I like a lot more than the other one (I don’t actually remember her name) and we are doing the Cold War in her lesson which is 1000x more interesting than Industrialisation of the People: Britain (don’t forget the colon). Though I will say that I think I am going to have to just accept that Vietnam is something I can never forget now because we did go over Vietnam again, and I had to research Truman for homework which wasn’t actually too traumatic, and maybe I was just being quite dramatic the first time. But on the whole, my lessons are alright, I just still don’t really like actual college all that much.

I did learn in my first full week, that it is just not good enough to be good at something anymore, you actually have to be committed and put loads of effort in. They just expect so much from you and it is mentally exhausting. It is also so infuriating at being so incompetent, and not just being able to get everything right. I think it has been so long since I have actually sat down and ‘learnt’ something from scratch, it feels like a very foreign experience. I just want to know everything already. A Levels also just make me so tired all the time, like I slept on the way home today, and I hate sleeping on public transport. I think me (and Jasmine) truly underestimated how much travelling adds to your day, like if I was a teacher, I would leave at 3:30 on the dot, no hanging around. I applaud and understand the pain of all teachers that travel now. Bravo (I hope you said that in Ms Darbus’ voice from HSM).

Anyway, I think that is pretty much it from me. Amazingly I don’t really have anything to do tonight as I did do it all at the weekend, though it did take me the entire weekend, like you can’t even call it procrastination, I was averaging about an hours break for every 15 minutes of work. I also have two free periods tomorrow, so I shall finish my philosophy then.

Until next time- Lilla


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