It’s official, A Levels are no longer a thing

This won’t be very long because quite frankly, I don’t actually have the time to be writing this. It’s coming out of my already rapidly decreasing 22 hours, and Bake Off is tonight.

If you were wondering about the title, I shall fill you in now. I am not even kidding, I get two years will go quicker than you think and you do need to start thinking about uni blah blah blah. But seriously, after today I feel like I need to start applying. And that every life choice I have made until this point is wrong. They are so obsessed with personal statements and being the best possible candidate for Oxbridge. And in my special session today, I found out I’m going to have to write an assignment, that will be marked by a Phd tutor (which will apparently look- you got it, good on my personal statement). Also if I want to do Ancient History, I really need to be able to speak Latin as well apparently, so they were like ‘just go get a book and teach yourself’, like brilliant thanks mate. I honestly feel like they might as well just skip A Levels all together at this rate because that’s clearly not their main focus.

On the whole though, this week (so far) has been better. I still don’t really like many kids, but they are very annoying, so I have a justified reason to believe the truth. In all honesty I just feel at a total loss. I have no life plan, I don’t know what I want to study at university, I don’t know what university I want to go to, and I just want a lifelong nap.

-Lilla (with an a)


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