Tired and ill and missing high school

Hello! Long time no blog post.

I’ve not been feeling too good lately, both physically and emotionally, everything just seems to be getting on top of me. and to top off my mental school exhaustion, I am so ill. I just feel awful and every bone in my body aches, and my head constantly hurts, and I don’t even have a normal voice anymore which is just peachy. All of this doesn’t help when you have to pay attention for two hours lessons, trying to get to grips with everything you have failed to teach yourself.

Anyway, on a happier note, since the last blog post I’ve seen Jake twice (when you live busy lives it is an achievement (I’m making out that we’re some super people or something)). Last Thursday we went out for a meal at iconic when is great because with a burger meal you get 3 FREE sides, yes you read that correctly THREE FREE SIDES!!! I mean what a great deal. The evening did make me really sad though because I realised how much I miss Jake and all of his stupid comments. I then saw Jake again on Saturday as we had a funky bunch outing to Pleasurewood Hills!! and it was a great day and Lilla and Jenna went on like all the rides (apart from wipeout because it goes upside down) and Jake and I were really proud of them. (how many times did I say ‘and’ in the last sentence- far too many times to make sense I think) We also got in for free due to my snazzy staff season pass, which leads me on to my next point.

On Sunday 24th September 2017 I had my last 2017 shift at Pleasurewood Hills – what a time to be alive. It’s so nice knowing that I have free weekends to do all my homework and to just lay in bed forever.

This week has been quite a bad week as I don’t feel like any lesson has gone that well. There’s just so much knowledge (but what is knowledge?) that I need in my head and I’m just afraid that it isn’t going completely in. Also today is the last day that I don’t completely prepare for a lesson because chemistry was a shamble; everyone in the class knew everything and I could say nothing about the topic apart from the fact that electrons repel each other. It was not fun and I never wish to go through something like that again. I also had my first practical today in biology which was also a shamble because Alice and I are just so hopeless. everything we used kept breaking and we just had to make up a few of the results to go with the pattern (because nobody wants anomalous results). If you are my biology teacher for some reason reading this then the last sentence was a complete lie, all of my results were real.

I feel like you’re all probably tired of hearing about my life now so I’ll probs just finish this and go to bed because I am super super tired and ill and hating life…

peace out – jasmine


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