To be is to be perceived

It seems like so long since I last wrote a post, even though, in reality it’s been like 9 days. It’s hard to remember what has actually happened in my life since then but this week has been good? There hasn’t really been anything terrible happen this week.

I can actually take back that last sentence, but only partially, because on Tuesday Lilla went to Cambridge for the Brilliant club so I was left alone in philosophy so it just wasn’t as fun. I did get to make a nice timeline and help solve the troubles of my classmates because our two hour lesson only took an hour to complete so we just had so much spare time. I’ve also had to bike by myself so much this week which is lonely, and yesterday my bike got a puncture on the way to the station so I had to walk home with my bike at the end of the day but it’s all fixed now.

I also had my first test on Thursday in biology and it didn’t go too bad. The teachers marked them overnight so I got my results back today which is so great (it just reminds me of when Harris would do it:( ). I got 80% in the test that I thought I would do worse in because I didn’t feel like I knew the knowledge and I got 57% in the other test which is kinda annoying because I have all of he knowledge and I even put it down as the answer but as I didn’t completely address the question I couldn’t get the marks, but that is quite an understandable mistake (that I hopefully won’t make again).

And finally, the main reason I wrote this post was to tell you all about mine and Lilla’s philosophy work that is awesome but instead this became a full post. Anyway, on Wednesday, we were told that today we would be making an informative video on idealism and one of its criticisms. We came up with the perfect idea of a rap battle, however, the biggest problem was that it would be very difficult to complete within the one hour we would be given. So Lilla, Callum and Harry worked really hard for the part two nights to make it. Last night we filmed it all which was the funniest experience of my life to watch, and Callum and Harry stayed up literally all night editing the video for us to show today in class. It’s safe to say that everyone was mind blown and now they have seen the true side of our friendship and the lengths we go to for non-important projects. Just to say as well, we both got a handshake from Peck and it will now be seen as  Also during the free hour we had to ‘film’ the video we practically bunked class (which was for you Albelda) and went to KFC for Lilla to try the double down (or heart attack in a burger). She did actually feel like she could have had a heart attack after it (but fortunately she didn’t!)

The link for the video is here and I hope you enjoy:))

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Peace out amigos- Jasmine


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