Storytime: worst night of our lives

It has been 1 year or 52 weeks or 365 days since one of the worst nights of my, and I know Lilla’s, lives. It has been one year since the wild weekend before the November mocks……..

I think that these mocks really were the turning point in my GCSE career. They truly, no word of a lie, made me the most stressed I have ever been. I can just remember actually sitting in my lounge and crying to my mum about how it was all to much and that I wanted to move to Africa and have no responsibilities, and the exams weren’t even the real ones haha. However, I must say that if you are currently in the position I was in a year ago, I understand and don’t let anyone put you down for feeling stressed, we all come out as better people.

I am straying a bit from the original reason for this post and that was to tell y’all about how awful mine and Lilla’s crazy Friday night was. It started out as usual and we did the paper round, then we thought that we would do a little bit of revision by looking through Maria’s old history books which was out first mistake. She learnt everything in a funny order and it confused us. We then looked at past papers, and we were doing a surgery exam for the very first time and can I say we absolutely freaked out and went mental. To try calm ourselves we emailed all the teachers and, to our surprise, they didn’t reply. (well Harris did originally reply but then we got to the serious stuff he stopped) This made us freak out even more and just made life a living hell. I think to top it off was the fact that we didn’t wait hours for their replies, we waited DAYS!!!!! well until Sunday, but DAYS!!!!!!!

‘A belated reply, but a reply after all. Sorry.’ – The reply from Albelda on the Sunday.

I mean I was very grateful in the end because Albelda spent his entire Sunday making a powerpoint and revision materials for us but still.

Here are some lovely pictures from that night…

I think this post is very fitting at this current point in time because not only has it been a year but it is actually the wild weekend before our first Progress Point tests, which I’m sure we will all breeze through (jokes)(maybe jokes)(hopefully it’s not a joke).

peace out – jasmine

(Lilla, if I’ve forgotten any info please do add it)


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