It’s been a while

Wow I have been busy lately! I saw Lilla rereading the blog earlier and it made me realise that I haven’t written a post in ages. Neither has she for that matter. Anyway, how are you all?

I might as well update you on my life while I’m here. So two weeks ago we all had our first progress point at school and they didn’t go too badly, and nobody has told me to drop a subject yet so they clearly weren’t awful. But I do dread the next progress point because apparently they count towards your UCAS and all, which really scares thought, is starting in January. I am really scared for university because I don’t really know what to go into. What if I don’t like medicine? What if I don’t get into medicine to start with? What if I decide that I want to become an astronaut (which I do actually want to become but I only like that part of physics, so if anyone knows anything going give me a shout)? I got sent a prospectus from Lancaster today and it seems really nice there, they even have little colleges which is exciting. Also they have reenactments of the War of the Roses there so that just tops it off!

Another update- I’m going into East Point on Wednesday which is really exciting! I love Vitae day which makes it the only thing I like about sin. I should also be going there every Friday afternoon as part of my DofE which is great, I can’t wait to tutor kids. I should also be writing this blog as part of DofE too, so be prepared for a blog post a week of me just rambling to fill up the time. Lilla and I also have some really exciting projects that we’re planning for and all shall be revealed soon. AND Christmas is so soon, so I just have to get to then and then I can have a break and a nice long sleep.

peace out – jasmine


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