2017 Europe Travels

**This is the first five days of my travels because the entire post is very long is I thought that I would break it up for you guys**

I’ve decided to do a blog post about all of my travels over the half term holiday. When I was away I wrote a list of things that were cool and so I’m able to use it and write this post. This may be a very long post but I hope that you’re all in for a journey. btw I went away with my brother, Seb, in case anyone didn’t know.

Day 1: We woke up and to start off the day we had to catch a train to Southend airport. We got the 7:47 train to Norwich which was really weird because I’m used to getting the 7:35 train. Our train to Chelmsford was cancelled which super stressed me out but we got on the train to Ipswich, which eventually changed to be the London train, so we got there alright. Southend airport was super empty so we do much there. The flight to Paris was only 45 minutes which is weird because it honestly feels like you just take off and then land. I did some homework on the plane because at this point in time i was still super motivated to do homework (it didn’t last for very long). We didn’t actually reach our hotel in Paris until around 7pm, but we just dropped out stuff off and made our way to the Louvre because it has free entrance for under 25s on a Friday night which was great. We saw the Mona Lisa which is cool but all I could think of was the Sarah Jane Adventures episode. Whilst in the Louvre, we realised actually how scary Renaissance paintings of babies are, like no word of a lie, every baby is painted like a middle aged man and they’re just really creepy. Ceiling art is also so amazing! Before heading back to our hotel we decided to walk to the Eiffel tower because it didn’t look too far away. We were wrong. It was in fact very far away but we couldn’t just turn back so we continued on and it was a wonderful sight. To get back to our hotel we decided to live the exciting life and we got a man to cycle us back. It’s kinda hard to explain, like we sat in a carriage and someone pulls you along on a bike?? It’s a wild experience I do recommend!!

Day 2: This day was spent walking around Paris. We went to the Eiffel tower but we couldn’t go up to the top because our bags were too big because they had all of our stuff in (which was a lot). We also went on a boat ride up the river which was really nice. Paris also has really funny noises for alerts they are like the tune bells at Jane Austen. After getting super lost down loads of little streets we headed to the train station to catch our train to Interlaken. The train ride was like 5 and a half hours and my legs felt dead by the end but I don’t feel like i can ever complain about the short 45 minutes train to Norwich anymore. We arrived in Interlaken and it was so dark and cold but we managed to find our hotel. At first we couldn’t check in because the only person there was just speaking german to us so we had to wait for a guy to come and then he just complained that check-in finished at 10pm, even though we had emailed weeks in advance to tell them that we wouldn’t get there until midnight and they said that was okay. I feel like because we turned up late they gave us the room next to the bathroom where a person just kept blowing their nose and coughing all night.

Day 3: We started our day by going for a walk and it was literally amazing. we stepped out of the door and there were mountains everywhere. Because we had arrived in the dark we couldn’t see anything but we realised our surroundings in the morning and it was honestly stunning. We walked through the town which has some super expensive shops and really fancy hotels that put where we were staying to shame. I also vowed to one day go back and stay in one of these hotels that overlooked the lake with mountains in the background. We went for a walk to Lake Brienz which was amazing. The water was so clear! The place was so so clean and they even give out free dog poop bags everywhere and we saw cleaners cleaning ash trays in the street, amazing. Afterwards we got a cable car up to Harder Kulm, which is the top of Interlaken. From the top you can see both Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, which are as incredible as each other. It started to hail when we were up there so we got hot chocolates before making our way back down. The cable car actually goes up the mountain at a 60% gradient or something which is incredible, I was very scared that the wires would snap and that i would go tumbling to my death with a bunch of strangers but ya’know, whats a holiday without fearing death. The food is so expensive in Switzerland so the cheapest ‘meal’ we could get was McDonalds; the only vegetarian burger on their menu is a quinoa curry burger which is actually really good, their normal chips are massive and they do potato wedges which is incredible. To finish off the day Seb and I watched The Parent Trap because it’s on the Swiss Netflix and it was just a great evening. I actually think that watching it was one of the main highlights of the holiday which is really sad to admit.

Day 4: we spent our morning walking around the shops, wishing that we could wear more clothes because it was absolutely freezing. At some point we made our way to the train station and got on a train to our next stop- Kandersteg. When we arrived in Kandersteg it was really weird because we were the only people walking around, or around in general. No shops were really open and it was just like a ghost town. We decided to go for a walk to see how close we could get to a waterfall. On the way we past some really cute cows but we did have to walk through what was most probably a slaughter house which was terrifying, it was like in a scary movie where a stranger kidnaps tourists and keeps them locked away in his basement for experiments or something. We went to see the Blausee Lake (which literally means ‘blue lake’ ) which was incredible. I have never seen something so blue in all of my life. The story of the lake is that a young woman used to go to the lake with her lover until he unexpectedly died, she then went to the lake and died from grief but it is her tears that cause the lake to be so blue! The place we stayed at was also a pizza restaurant so we decided to treat ourselves. The place also had a bath which made Seb so happy, he was really missing our bath.

Day 5: The owner of the hotel made us some super good breakfast, it was the best granola that we’ve ever tasted. Having breakfast was a good idea because we climbed a mountain afterwards. Luckily we put our clothes into a locker at the train station because it was hard enough to walk up a mountain with what we already had, I would not like to imagine more weight. It was so strange because walking up the mountain made us so hot so we had to take off ours coats but we were walking up so high that there was snow on the ground. Anyway, we finally made it to the Oeschinen Lake, after all of our complaining that we would never get there, and it was breath taking. the water is so clear that the reflection looks so real. If you were to flip the world then you wouldn’t know what the real mountains were. We also met a dog, who was owned by a man who was fishing, who was really cute and would just follow us around. It did make us miss Humphrey more than we already were. Just to reiterate again, the view was IN-CRED-IBLE. Just remembering it fills me with so much joy and awe at nature. It truly does make you think about how the planet is constantly being destroyed by us, but it just phenomenal and we shouldn’t take it for granted. The entire time I was walking up this mountain I just complained that it was too steep and that I couldn’t wait to go back down, but actually coming down was a nightmare. Not only did we have to leave the lake, potentially, forever but it seemed so much steeper. I was actually finding it difficultly to keep my balance, I do now see why people use hiking sticks. To get myself down I attempted to gallop and although in theory it seemed great because it was fast and doesn’t require too much energy, it was a mammoth task because it is virtually impossible to stop because you actually start to pick up speed. After having a nice hot chocolate to warm us up we got on another train to Basel where we spent the evening watching The Proposal (great film). I might just add that Basel is a city in Switzerland and it was a lot different to the nice remote places like Interlaken and Kandersteg.

I will post the second half next week,

peace out- jasmine


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